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Team photographer/videographer: Zach Suggs

Eric Dodds

Eric is the team founder and is an absolute fanatic about mountain biking. He’s been enjoying the woods on two wheels for over 20 years and can still remember the first time he felt the adrenaline rush of going downhill on singletrack on a fully rigid Trek Antelope with cantilever brakes and 6″ bar-ends. He raced downhill and dual-cross in college and over the last few years has developed a passion for enduro races, stage races and any other type of race that includes steep, rough and challenging terrain.

He worked right alongside Joey as they helped build the Clemson Freeride Club into a nationally-recognized program, race host and trail system.

2016 highlights

  • 1st – 2016 Green River Games Oskar Blues Enduro – Amateur Men’s
  • 3rd in Stage 1 of the timed enduro section the 2016 Pisgah Stage Race (podium contender throughout) – Open Men’s
  • 12th – 2016 ATR Fun Trails Assault on Pisgah’s Pilot (35-mile XC race) – Open Men’s (on a 160mm bike…)
  • 13th – 2016 Jerdon Mountain Challenge (26-mile XC race) – Open Men’s (also on a 160mm bike…)
  • 23rd – 2016 Pisgah Stage Race (5 days) – Open Men’s

Barrett Dodds

Barrett is the youngest of the Dodds Brothers crew, but his incredible riding ability often means that he’s leading the pack on rides—especially downhill. As a relatively new entrant to the racing scene, he’s posted solid results in the Pro Men’s class and has been consistently grabbing top spots and KOMs on Strava. Needless to say, our entire crew knows he’s an “up and comer.” Most recently, he was accepted into the 2017 Trans-Provence Enduro Race in France (an 80-rider, invite-only event) and will proudly represent Dodds Brothers Racing in our team’s European debut. (You can read about his Trans-Provence journey on his website.)

Race highlights

  • Accepted to the 2017 Trans-Provence Enduro Race in France
  • 12th – 2016 Upstate Cranksgiving Enduro – Pro Men’s
  • 15th – 2016 ATR Fun Trails Assault on Pisgah’s Pilot (35-mile XC race) – Open Men’s

Cameron Dodds

Cam is the middle brother and is an outdoor action-sports animal. He constantly amazes his brothers with his ability to go faster than them on a smaller bike. When it comes to racing, his mental game is incredibly strong, having been honed through years of climbing big walls in Yosemite—when it’s time to focus, he’s 100% present. That mental game and his incredible riding ability has meant he’s constantly nipping at the heels of the top 10 in the Pro Men’s class, no matter what type of race it is.

Race highlights

  • 11th – 2016 Green River Games Oskar Blues Enduro – Pro Men’s (racing against Neko Mulally…)
  • 10th – 2016 ATR Fun Trails Assault on Pisgah’s Pilot (35-mile XC race) – Open Men’s

Joey Short

Joey is a veteran mountain biker and mountain bike racer who has competed around the country in downhill, enduro and XC races. He played a key role in organizing Clemson University’s Freeride Mountain Bike club and built and maintained miles of singletrack throughout Clemson’s famous Isqueena trail system. He also founded a summer mountain biking program for at-risk kids through an outdoor non-profit organization, working with Specialized to expose more of the community to the joy of zipping through the woods on two wheels.

Race highlights

  • 1st – 2015 Pisgah Enduro (1 Day) -Sport Men’s
  • 15th – 2016 Oskar Blues enduro – Open Mens
  • 18th – 2015 Oskar Blues Enduro – Open Men’s
  • 34th – 2015 Upstate Cranksgiving, Wild Turkey Enduro – Open Men’s

Desert Storm

Desert Storm is the name of our faithful 1986 Ford F-150. A family vehicle since it was driven off the lot, the old friend has been passed down through generations and over the last few years has become somewhat of a mascot for the Dodds brothers. A regular site at local trailheads, races and shuttle routes, people know that when Desert Storm is rolling around, there are a handful of hungry riders packed into a single cab, a load of gear and bikes in the bed and some frosty beverages hidden somewhere behind the seat, waiting to celebrate another adventure on the tailgate.

Zach Suggs

An accomplished rider in his own right, Zach has made a name (and business) for himself as a professional photographer and videographer. His passion is capturing the many facets of action sports and he has a sweet spot in his heart for mountain biking. Zach captures many of our adventures, providing us with amazing content to share and our sponsors with professional-level brand exposure.