2017 Trans-Provence: Day 3

And we’re here with another update from Bear. They completed Day 3 (and have already started Day 4). When I touched base with him to get a report, it seemed hard for him to put into words both the difficulty and the majesty of the experience.

What he did say came through loud and clear. Photo gallery below.

Down stage 3. Sickest trail in the world. Grey earth. So sick.

Just under 9 hours. Freaking psycho day. I literally can’t believe it. Didnt have GoPro unfortunately but it wouldn’t have done it justice.

Several people dropped out cause they couldn’t handle it. I drank probably 6-7 litres of water.

A lot of the amateurs are or have done some EWS but most are just incredible bikers. One of the stages was 14 minutes. A guy passed me, wrecked, then passed me again. Unreal.

Just think 4000 meters going down. It’s so rough on your hands. I’m going to have to change pads tomorrow.

Bear discussed the climb with a few chaps from the UK…they seem to be in good spirits, but it’s obvious the climb is brutal. It’s a little hard to hear the first guy, but he says, “I think this is the hardest one yet…”


2017 Trans-Provence: Day 2

Alrighty…Day 2 is done! Bear sent us an update earlier today. He finished 65th, 14 slots better than his result yesterday. Good stuff, brother! Photo gallery below.

Here’s what he Bear had to say about the day:

Luckily the start was a nice warm up climb that wasn’t too strenuous or long. The decent was unreal. Super hard with a bunch of tight switchbacks (go figure) and a 30meter pedal section in the middle of the stage. That awoke my heart and legs.

Views were unreal. The climbs sucked as always but stayed with two rad girls who rip super hard. No wrecks or mechanicals so things are going well.

After watching someone break their elbow and fall down a small cliff side I erred on the side of caution, regardless of wanting to make up time. I would rather make it to the end unharmed then to try and push it in a field of literally unbelievably fast riders.

Tomorrow’s climb is around 1000 meters so hopefully the dip in the ice cold river and massage then yoga session will pay off.

Stoke is high!

Travel Report: Bonjour, France! (The calm before the storm…)

Bear made it to France safely with only one issue: a broken dropper-post lever. Thankfully there was a bike store 20 minutes away and he was able to get a new one quickly. Sounds like it’s been rough…here’s the update he sent:

Today is relaxation and wine drinking with friends. Swam in their pool and ate some amazing local food. Dinner later then sleep. Building my bike up in the morning before we go back.