Current sponsors

HoneyStinger_Vert_COLOROur team absolutely loves Honey Stinger for fuel and energy. Cam was the first one to find it and after he introduced us, we never looked back. It’s the best tasting fuel out there (and much easier on the stomach for endurance races).


We’re huge fans of the crew over at Great Outdoor Adventure Trips (GOAT). They give the gift of the outdoors to kids who can’t get there themselves. One of their major programs focuses on mountain biking. We try to drive awareness and support for GOAT’s biking program however we can. Currently, we’re talking with several bike brands about supporting our effort to get a few of their kids out on the racetrack.

Interested in sponsoring the team?

Dodds Brothers Racing is currently seeking sponsorship  for the 2017 racing season. Current availability includes:

  • Bike
  • Apparel

What will you get as a sponsor?

Our goal is to be the best brand ambassadors for the sponsors we partner with. Details are below. If you’re interested in working with us, reach out.


At races, our goal will always be to fly the colors on the podium, but no matter what the results are, we aim to build relationships with as many people as possible and talk in an authentic way about the quality of the products we use.

We pride ourselves on being good sportsmen and are often known as some of the most encouraging and fun guys out on the course.

Professional photography and video

Our team photographer/videographer, Zach Suggs, will not only chronicle our adventures throughout the year for promotion on social media and blog posts, but will provide our sponsors with a professional photoshoot, highlighting each brand, as well as a short video of the team for the year (here’s his latest mountain biking edit).


We will be sporting stylish jerseys both on and off the race course in 2017, which will include sponsor logos.


We are committed to creating content that represents our sponsors in an authentic way, both through social media and articles. As a professional writer, Eric is also happy to create content specifically for brands to publish on their platforms.

Our team has acquired a GoPro Hero 5 for the 2017 season and we often carry a high-quality camera with us on our adventures, so sponsors can expect high-quality videos and images.

Along with solid followings on Instagram (Eric seems to always get a ton of likes…see a feed below), we’ve also produced content about races we participate in that has been shared by race organizers and widely read by mountain bikers. Examples include a popular series Eric wrote about his first big stage race, as well as an article about the first-ever heli-supported enduro race in Canada.

Contact us about sponsorship