Travel Report: on the bike at Trans-Provence!

The bike is built and the cranks are turning! Bear joined a preliminary ride with a crew that arrived at Ground Zero early.

Here’s a description of the warm-up ride he sent us. Photo gallery below.

From camp we took 2 turns before the climb started, so it was definitely real. I was riding with 3 guys from Oregon and they are super rad. We had good discussions up the never ending fire road and cow pastures. We also ran into a herd of sheep and they had two giant mountain dogs guarding them so that was cool.

I volunteered to lead to pack down and immediately I was challenged to stay on my bike. If I could describe the tail it would be ‘Pilot Rock on steroids’. Many people by the end were smiling and also questioning why they were here.

Overall it was maybe the sickest trail I’ve ever done and it wasn’t even part of the race. Lots of loose, scary rocky switchbacks all the way down.


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