Travel Report: Bear heads to France for the Trans-Provence enduro race!

We are so pumped that the youngest member of the #doddsbros crew is headed across the pond to race with some of the luckiest people in the mountain biking community.

The Trans-Provence is probably the race-of-all-races when it comes to anyone interested in epic, enduro-style events.

It took lots of planning and prep, but Bear made it to France in one piece, with all of his gear. Here’s what he sent us from the airport before takeoff:

Be sure to check out the photo gallery below for more packing pics.

Scared, excited, all of the above. Exciting trips always have a way of creeping up on you faster than you ever imagine. It seems like yesterday my brother Eric and I were just starting a training program to get me fit for the race and now I sit patiently waiting for a flight to my destination, France.

Working nightshift, especially in the fast paced ER, seems to make time go by even faster. A friend of mine (also a former pro xc racer) gave me some amazing advice before I left and that was to just “take it in” no matter what happens.  Don’t get too focused on what you need to do or how you need to do it. Do what you know. Do what’s comfortable. Do what has been working for you and give it hell. Good words, Chandler!

Sitting here in the airport with my heart beating out of my chest definitely makes the ‘taking it in part’ a reality. France. Bikes. Beer. New people. Family. What else would a 24 year old want?! After 5 night shifts in a row I’m tired, sore and ready to see the sea and get some much needed slumber aboard one of these flying tubes we call airplanes. Cheers.


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